Why Business?


For good or for bad, business is a part of life for people living in a modern democratic country like ours.  We are blessed with scenic beauty and and a wealth of natural resources which bring a high standard of living to Canadians   Some believe decisions to develop these resources further involve too expensive a trade off, namely, environmental degradation at the expense of economic growth.  

The question for each of us is how do we have meaningful debate about economic decisions, one which gets beyond a zero sum game or “winner takes all”, and instead focuses on the country’s diverse needs, wants, and individual opportunities to further ones economic and personal freedom.  To have such a debate we need an informed citizenry, and hence we need Business Education.  

We need citizens who have economic and financial literacy just like we need citizens who can read, write, and understand mathematics.  And Canada needs citizens who wish to follow their personal dreams, their creative desires and passions; these entrepreneurs too need a Business Education.  In other words, pretty much everyone.  Hence we need Business Education in our schools

Since Business Education at THSS consists of a set of elective courses, many students might assume their choosing to take business courses involves having a plan and a vision for his or her future.  And if one has such a plan, then taking Business Education courses makes a lot of sense.  

But many students in grades 9 to 12 are unsure of what their future holds.  However they do know that they want to be happy and successful.  These students should take Business Education courses too.  

They might discover some new talents or a path they hadn’t yet considered, or once they find a path, they can approach it with some new tools and knowledge they presently lack.  The content covered in Business courses will be of use regardless of the career path they ultimately follow years from now.

As you see, pretty much everyone needs to have Business knowledge and a fundamental understanding of Economics and Finance,  regardless of ones personal path.  

So, why not Business?

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