Learning Guide 1

Marie Forleo and Seth Godin

The Truth about Your Calling

Who is Seth Godin?  (0.25)

Why are we wasting the “chance of a lifetime”?  What can we do to stop wasting the opportunity? Explain. (1:45)

Where is Necker Island?  Why is this significant?

What does Godin think about “ones calling or passion? Explain. (4:15)

How ought we be measuring ourselves? (6:45 +) 

What is the prize for originality? Explain. (7:20)

Why do we “hide” from opportunity?

Why does Seth Godin blogs?  (9:15)

What is “Return on Trust”? (10:00)

Why won’t you run out of ideas? (11:20)

Why does Godin seek to be wrong? (14:00)

How is Godin so productive?

What is permission marketing?

What is school for? (25:00)  What is a free range kid?

List 3 interesting problems.

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